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There are many things to be done on Mohéli. The first is to relax and enjoy the different pace of life, talk to the people and listen to their beautiful stories. However, if you are looking for action packed adventure, you can hike across the island on tracks of virgin rainforest, accompanied by a guide. You can also cycle around the island, on virtually empty roads, to feel freer than ever.

There are many beautiful beaches where you can swim. The most beautiful certainly are Sambadjou (Ouallah 2), Nioumachoua, and the beaches of the offshore islets. You should also snorkel to discover a very rich marine life within the marine park, or better yet, go look for whales and dolphins with our special eco-guides. If you don’t like being on a boat, you can at least watch giant sea turtles lay their eggs at night on Itsamia beaches.

The show also takes place on our beautiful forests, with hundreds of interesting plant species, some waterfalls, and the intriguing Livingstone bat, the biggest in the world. But you should not leave the island before having participated in some cultural activity, may it be a feast, a tam tam boeuf, or a bal poussière.

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