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Getting there and around


Mohéli is an island, and as such can only be reached by air or boat.

Four companies fly to Mohéli, for the same price of 25.000 Fc (50 €) one way from Grande Comore and 75.000 Fc (150 €) from Mayotte. These companies are Com'air Assistance, Inter Iles Air (for direct flight from Mayotte), AB Aviation, and Comoros Airways ( partir de 2014). All planes flying to the island can seat a maximum of 17 passengers.
Major international airlines fly to Grande Comore and Mayotte, including Air Mauritius and Air Austral.


Mohéli is not too big, so you can actually hike across the island in a few days, stopping along the way in the community run bungalows. There are also possibilities to rent a car, or to use the public transport of taxi brousse (mini buses) which is the cheapest option but not the quickest! We will give you all the relevant information upon arrival when you come meet us at the Maison de l’écotourisme.

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