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Responsible Travel

How to be a responsible traveller on Mohéli

+Respect the local people

- I don’t give money to kids in order to prevent social disruption.
- I carefully look at the way I dress, and I avoid bikinis on the beach.
- I avoid public display of affection.
- I always ask before taking somebody’s picture, and I only promise to send the picture if I know I really will.
- I don’t drink alcohol in the street or public places.

+Respect and protect Moheli’s natural assets

- I don’t throw trash around.
- I take back home with me all heavily pollutant trash (batteries, plastic bags) that can’t just be burnt.
- I am careful with my water consumption, as resources are limited.

+Respect sea turtle’s laying of eggs

- I speak and walk slowly so as to not disturb turtles when they are making their way up the beach.
- I don’t use lamp torches on the beach. Sea turtles are very sensitive to light and could refrain from laying their eggs if scared away.
- I wait for the turtle to lay its eggs before approaching it.
- I follow my guide’s instructions at all times.

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