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Moheli is about nature. You will first discover a rich flora along your walks, composed with Ylang Ylang, an incredibly odorant flower, but also numerous orchids, endemic palms, pepper and vanilla plantations, and splendid baobab trees.

You will then be moved by a fabulous show given by giant sea turtles. Each night, they come by dozens to lay their eggs on the shore of Itsamia beach. You won’t fail to be amazed by the size of the Livingstone fruit bat, the biggest bat in the world, however totally harmless. If you wish to go explore the water, you won’t be disappointed, as the area is filled with marine mammals, from whales and dolphins to the mysterious dugong.

In order to conserve this exceptional biodiversity, local communities got together to protect their resources and this led to the creation of a Marine Park in 1999 in cooperation with the administration, which made it the first protected area of the Comoros. This great example of community involvement in biodiversity conservation was awarded with the Equator Prize from the UN.

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