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Mohéli is so small that you can drive around it in half a day, but so rich that you can spend a whole week there without getting bored. It is made up of more than 20 villages, 6 of which having community run tourist facilities: Ouallah 1 and Ouallah 2, Nioumachoua, Hoani, Miringoni and Itsamia. Click here to see all villages.

Fomboni is the capital, but it really is just a village. This is where you will find the most lodgings options, private hotels and pensions. We recommend however that you tour around the island and spend a night in each village to feel the uniqueness of the island.

To learn more about the orientation of the island visit our interactive map or click on the links above.

Organizing your Stay

Prices of services

The service proposed by the MEM service includes:

   - A detailed daily program room. The client is free to change its program as they wish during the stay.
   - All accommodation bookings, and inter-island transport.
   - The presence of an estimate on the trip, including transportation costs, the cost of activities, the cost of accommodation and meals.

MEM pricing policy on organizing a stay:


1 to 5 days: 1500 Comorian Francs (Fc) per day, per person.
6 days and more: 1000 Fc per day, per person.

Groups (over 5 persons):
1 to 5 days: 1000 Fc per day, per person.
6 days and more: 500 Fc per day, per person.

This service is free for children under 11.

Any day indicated in the travel program delivered to the customer is considered "organized"
The arrival and departure days are included in this denomination.


Will be considered cancellations, as scheduled days spent outside Moheli. A ticket authentic, will then be presented to the House of Ecotourism before departure.
Under these conditions, for each day canceled, the MEM will reimburse 30% of the price of it, per person, that is to say:
450 Fc for a day 1500 Fc
300 Fc for a day 1000 FC
150 Fc for a day at 500 Fc

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